Chalet Resort - Zu Kirchwies in Laion
Family Plieger
Rosamunde Plieger
Hannah, Elias and Hannes
Family Plieger
HolidayCheck recommended 2016

A family business, built on passion!

Come and enjoy your own personalised gourmet holiday in the heart of nature, immersed in the life of a host family who hold traditions dear.

Walter: Joiner turned music teacher turned conductor, Walter started early in life and is most definitely the “Maker” of the Kirchwieser farm. He dedicates every ounce of his being to running the fruit orchards and managing the cattle, producing juices and cordials, farming the herd of Highland cattle and preparing the beef they provide, organising the morning bread service, and  tending the garden and farm. He is also a creative “DIY-er” and loves working with wood and other natural materials.
He planned the entire building works and renovations, and carried out a large amount of the works himself.

Rosamunde: She also got off to an early start in life as a music teacher and accountant, and now, with the rest of the family, creates products and runs the breakfast service. She also takes care of all the paperwork and, on request, prepares treatments with healing hay-flower sachets.

Elias: With a high-school diploma in Tourism and Economics and his exams in Hospitality behind him, Elias is now responsible for your breakfast service and providing guests with hiking tips. He is also a master-barbecuer and, in his free time, a passionate baritone-horn player. He is a member of the Laion/Lajen and Bressanone/Brixen brass bands, the Oberkrainer band “Volkspartie” and the “Südtiroler Lausbuam” dance band and, last but not least, a keen baker.

Hannes:  A graduate from the Agriculture and Forestry College and qualified sommelier, Hannes, together with his father Walter, is responsible for the entire fruit orchard and cattle farm, the production of juices and cordials, meat production, tending the entire farm and the breakfast service. In his free time, he loves to play the trumpet and is a student at the trumpet faculty of the State Conservatory in Innsbruck, member of the Laion/Lajen brass band RET (Red Eagle Tirol), Catchbasin brass band (2019 European Champions), the band “Southbrass” (Winners of the 2018 Brass Band Grand Prix) and the “Südtiroler Lausbuam” dance band.

Hannah: A student at the School of Economics in Ortisei/St. Ulrich, in her free time she is either racing down the ski slopes or out training on her bike. For your personal fitness training, she offers a 50-minute group body-workout programme. She loves baking cakes and is a mastermind of creativity when it comes to making guests’ beds.

Grandma Frieda loves the garden and herbs, and creating craftwork with natural materials.

Grandpa Luis loves creating craftwork in his workshop and helps out wherever he’s needed.

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